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Elementary School

Kindergarten to 5th Grade
Private Instruction

We provide an alternative to the public school system by allowing you to choose and have input into your child's education. We focus on social-emotional development, life skills, academics, and community building. Children enrolled in our private school must be enrolled in ABA services with Village ABA.  We follow a multi-disciplinary approach which encompasses Educational Services, Speech Therapy, and ABA Therapy.  This ensures that your child is served with a Whole Child Approach. Our program is also unique in that it is a year-round program with extended hours to allow parents time to work! 

We believe all learners need an opportunity to succeed, and Hatchlings Academy is here to help and be a resource as you navigate this process. Our staff completes a combination of functional communication training, crisis intervention, instructional strategies, and behavior intervention techniques. We conduct ongoing trainings and observations that coach our faculty on best practices.

Speech Therapy

Enri Fort, SLP provides on-site therapy to enrolled students during their school day. This allows us to collaborate to best help our students. 

Applied Behavior Analysis

Village ABA provides us with on-site ABA for those eligible. This allows all providers for your child to collaborate and ensure that all needs are being met. 

Presentation in Class



We use Mcgraw Hill as the basis of our comprehensive private instruction services. These lessons are a great evidence-based foundation for introducing new topics in a developmentally appropriate method. Our instructors use benchmark assessments to determine the mastery of a skill and continue to use spiral review to keep those skills. 

Heggerty is a phonological awareness curriculum that places an emphasis on skills that are fundamental to reading success at the elementary school level.


Blending best practices from applied behavior analysis and early childhood special education, The DATA Model is a proven program rooted in evidence-based practice and based on 20 years of testing and refinement. We use this to help teach 140 different instructional programs. 

This is a Social-Emotional curriculum that focuses on making choices, identifying feelings, building self-regulation skills and providing logical consequences to behaviors. We use Conscious Discipline as a school wide approach to behaviors and building resilient children. 


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